Learn the role of credit intermediaries for your business

Credit intermediaries have a major role for the economy, mainly because they help companies stay competitive in the market. Whether it is to get out of a difficult financial situation , improve the company’s infrastructure, optimize processes or invest in the modernization of the product or service itself, it takes capital that the entrepreneur often […]

Auto Financing

Auto Financing is a loan that, as well as the name suggests, is required for both buying a car (new or used), also for motorbikes, campers, etc. Further editorial at http://wrtc2006.com   For convenience and to avoid repetition when we refer below to the financing to buy one of these vehicles we will say “car […]

10.5 tips to help you get a car loan

1. Check out your credit rating Get a copy of your credit report. Check for errors and make corrections before trying to get a loan. If there are serious errors in the credit report, you should consider delaying the submission before the end of the correction. This will ensure the integrity of the car dealerships. If […]